Welcome to HEAL

In 2014, HEAL, a Non-Profit organization was established to meet the needs of the people who are looking for help. Millions of destitute people without clean water, immunizations, health care are subject to malaria, diarrhea, respiratory diseases and malnutrition. Many Students do not have necessary resources to achieve their personal goals. Lot of people do not have adequate information to get their work complete in government and private organizations. Our aim is to make, A life changing difference to these destitute people around us. Your donation provides medical care, educational assistance, nutritional support, public awareness to these destitute people.



Our Vision is to make every individual, learn to help each other and create a healthy society where in every child gets educated & every person gets adequate medical care. We want to bring the much needed change in the society with the help of volunteers and support of the citizens of this country. We would like to inspire people to help others as much as they can which will in turn address the problems of the needy people.


Our mission is to provide free medical care to the poor people with the help of doctors and hospital staff, and to provide necessary educational resources to the students. We would like to provide necessary help to the people to get their work complete in government & private organizations. We strive hard to help the homeless to find a loving home with the help of our volunteers. We work hard to help any individual in need of help.

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